Our story

We started from zero, with a cargo bike. Today we have a highly motivated team of employees, our own warehouse in Hoeilaart and several electric delivery vans. 

Our sustainable initiative

We are very proud of our positive change that 
we achieve with our team every day.

+6 years
 Glass drink bottles at home

Plastic waste bottles avoided

0 gram CO2
Electric delivery vans

Who are we?  

We are Tim & Bea, a family from Hoeilaart (VL-Brabant) with 2 children, Leander and Enya. We started Flex-Delivery from our garage in 2016. Today we have grown into a team of young passionate employees, who dedicate themselves daily with a smile to all our customers.

Our vision  

We create change and make sure your shopping can be done more ecologically and comfortably from now on!

The advantages? 

No more plastic bottles, no more waste of plastic packaging, free home delivery and no more lugging or loading and unloading of beverage packs yourself. All this at competitive prices! These are the products and services, that families have been waiting for for quite some time and therefore there is a strong interest!

After talking to several families, it became clear that increasing plastic waste is a real problem. So we came up with the idea of innovating the traditional milkman round. We learn the beverage consumption of our customers and suggest a next delivery, when they need something, this way they don't have to order again and again and don't run out of stock. All this by using 100% electric vehicles out of concern for our environment.

This way, with all families together, we have already avoided millions of plastic bottles in some villages, a true success!

See you soon!

Tim & Bea