How does it work?

Our basic products are drinks in glass bottles, which you can supplement with eggs.

Delivery region

We create a positive change and ensure that your drinks can be delivered more ecologically and comfortably from now on!

We therefore deliver ...

- Glass drink bottles at home. That way you no longer have to drag drinks around and can reduce your plastic waste.
- As many Belgian products in your home as possible, to reduce the transport of products from abroad.
- With electric vans, out of concern for our environment.

- Based on your personal consumption and you don't have to place an order for your routine groceries every time. As soon as you have placed a 2nd order, we will help you suggest a next delivery based on your consumption.

Practical info

- Everything is without a subscription.
- The drink rounds will take place between 6:30 am - 8 pm. You don't have to stay home for the drink delivery. We deliver around your home and pick up the empties you have already prepared the night before.
- The collected empties will be immediately deducted from your invoice. The invoice will be sent by email after delivery. We ask you to transfer the amount within 7 days after delivery..

- We ask for a minimum of 12L of non beverage products to be ordered. 
- For everything to organize and deliver, we ask a small contribution of 3 € per delivery

How to order? 

Via this website 
- Payment is made after delivery. You will receive an invoice after delivery and we ask to pay by bank transfer within 7 days after delivery.